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The New Family Car is a Sorocco

A slightly out of the ordinary sale is this Mercedes Sprinter Ferqui Sorocco 16 seat minicoach from the JH Coaches fleet in Tyne & Wear. The purchaser is Kevin Duff from North Manchester who has quite an extended family. When they go on a family day out they usually use 3 cars which isn’t ideal. The solution? This Sprinter. It fits on Kevin’s drive, is easy to manoeuvre, and economical. The little coach features air conditioning, 16 fainsa reclining seats with 3 point seat belts, and a huge luggage capacity. The coach was presented in the usual pristine condition that we have come to expect from JH Coaches and we’d like to thank Ian, John, and their team for their efforts. We’d also like to wish Kevin and his family the very best of luck with their purchase and hope they have many enjoyable days out in their new family car!  

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